France´s taxis vs Italian´s taxis

What a versus, two titans are colliding in this article, first of all we are going to write alittle review of the taxis in each nation and then made a conclusion about how compare each one and discover their weakness and strengths. 

We are going to begin with:

Italy, if what you are looking for a more particular transport without having to rent a car, the indicated option is to get a taxi, which can be found in any of the city that you will be visiting.

Some general feature of these transport units are that they are essentially found at signposted stations and airports, they carry taximeters that will help us a lot to quantify our trip and price, they are clearly identified by signs that say taxi and are usually white, in addition you can request the service by telephone, which includes the payment from the moment of the call were made.

Additional charges: They also usually require an extra payment for the waiting time of a passenger or for the amount of luggage that you will carry, the night service is also another indicator of extra payments, as well as on holidays and if you need to go to the routes out of the cities, all this It is a cost more than knowing that a taxi in Italy is not so cheap, at least if you are in Rome or Milan.

There are some particular cases such as taxis in Rome or taxis in Milan, where you can stop one of them just by raising your arm and making a sign; In addition, many taxi drivers who try to improve the service try to speak some Spanish, English or French. It is considered as a moral rule, although it is not mandatory, to leave a tip to the taxi driver if the trip that has been made has been satisfactory and pleasant.

Another option is to call a Radio Taxi. This would result in an extra payment for the service, since the taximeter starts running as soon as the taxi driver receives the call and drive to where you are. The extra costs are established as follows: 2 euros if the arrival is planned in 5 min., 4 euros if it is planned in 10 min. and 6 euros if they spend 10 min but this is just an estimate the values of the extra costs can be variable.

The telephone operator will communicate the expected waiting time and the corresponding amount of payment. When the taxi arrives to pick up the client, if the taximeter marks an amount higher than expected, the difference should be discounted at the end of the trip.

The operator will also communicate the “Sigla” of the taxi. Taxis that are associated with a radio taxi company, in addition to the license number next to the Rome coat of arms, carry the sticker of their company. Under the company name, appears the “Sigla” of the taxi, formed by a word and a number.

Here are the phones of some of the Radio Taxi agencies that operate in Italy, in order of importance:

Radiotaxi 06-3570 – the oldest and largest in Italy

Prontotaxi 06-6645

La Capitale 06-4994

Tevere 06-4157

Samarkand 06-5551

Ostia-Lido 06-5601646

If you do not want to make the call yourself, in any hotel or restaurant they can do it for you.

In Italy exist an issue with the taxi service and is that you can be fooled by the drivers, one of the most common forms of fraud is to take the destination by an unnecessary routewhit the objective to increase the rate of the travel. Another kind of fraud, it is the method of “confusing” the client’s billet, and start arguing loudly saying that he has received a 20 billet instead of a 50 billet.

When a taxi driver (legal or illegal) has in mind to fool a client, he does not take him to the exact destination, but leaves him in a nearby street or a few meters from where you have asked for. They do this to avoid embarrassing encounters with someone who can argue with them in Italian. When they tell you that they cannot enter your street because it is forbidden direction or because it is closed to traffic, you must put yourself on guard and be alert.

If you feel that something is wrong and that the taxi driver tries to deceive you, take out a paper and clearly write the license number of the taxi and the name of the owner. It is exposed on a metal plate, on the inside of the left rear door of the car. This simple gesture is highly dissuasive.

If you get involved in a discussion with a taxi driver who tries to deceive you, there is a magic word, which works like a charm: “Carabinieri” (phone number 112). It is the Italian police. As soon as they hear this word, they become charming Italians. Another recommendation would be to try to pay with small bills. If you go from the airport, take the exact amount prepared.

That was our little review of the taxis in Italy, now the turn if for

France: the entire countryespeciallyin Paris depends on the taxis to move around,the tourists prefer to hire a taxi driver for several days than renting a car, because the drivers already know the city and the most practical routes to avoid traffic and of course a taxi driver can be a better tour guide than anyone else, they know all the best places and if you want hear a good story we recommend you speak with the driver. Instead, tourists that decide to rent a car, get lost the most of the timebecause they are not familiarized with the routes, which can make a relaxing trip into a stressful one.

Is impressive how complicated and how hard is the taxi industry in France, they had overcome so many difficulties compare to others big nations and today is hard imagine a France without taxi when today you can easily request a taxi from your smartphone, which can provide the route and the rate that you will pay, it is almost like you do not need to interact anymore with the driver, at least you want to but if you decide to get a taxi on the street you also will find a very good offers.

Another innovating thing that you can note in the French taxis is that they are well organized, and today anyone with a driver license can become into a taxi driver, using their smartphone and theUber application, obviously the models of car has not limit now, not only Renaults (as it was at the beginning of the history of the taxi industry in France), in France now you can find any model that suit your needs. One thing that keep the original concept of the privacy, it isthat you can find a private transport with a special service that can provide a tour around the city that the customer is living or any other city selected by the customer, with extreme privacy. These services are commonly used by artists that want a relaxing time away from the cameras and paparazzi, it can be used, as well, by entire family for their vocational trips or by business man, that need to be concentrated the entire route before an important business meeting, all these services are more expensive that a regular one but it is based in the original concept of moving around the city without being noted by the rest of the people, and without any distraction or for don’t  have to be care about the transport and enjoy more the country.

Another interesting thing about the taxis in France is their image not of the service but yes of the drivers, that perception begun because after the second world war the soldier that served in the French army or went to the both world wars came back to the civil life and some of them get a job as taxi driver but their attitude was so rude and not much respectful that created a so bad image. That military treatment to the tourist by the drivers created a such bad image that persist in this days but in these days the taxi companies are working hard to change that perception given a service very polite, respectful and in some case a warm treatment, also the particular drivers are improving their conduct to the clients that is the result of the test that they made when they get the license to be a cab driver.

Now if you are just wondering how much should a taxi from as an example from CDG (Paris international airport) airport to Paris center cost? A taxi should be about 50E (+/- 5E)Don’t pre-pay for any shuttle or private service. They have a spotty record of showing up. The taxi queue is just outside the door at the airport. Only take a taxi from this line. It will have a Taxi Parisian sign on the roof. These are the only city-sanctioned taxis.

Speaking about sanctioned taxis, we have to mention the illegal the main reason of  existence of the illegal taxis is because the number if requirement for a license as a taxi driver or a legal vehicle are many and the people who apply to get in order the documents have to put time, money and not all the drivers have it, also they are obligated to made psychological exam, test drive, mechanical reviews of the vehicle and for that reason you if you found an illegal driver you can negotiate a very cheaper price compare with the legal drivers. Consider that not all the candidates for a license has the legal status of a work permit so of course they have to work like illegals. Other thing about the illegal taxis is that you maybe are going to share the taxi, they don’t have the obligation of be an exclusive and in some case they can mount other client if the client is in the rout son don’t be surprise for this even the legal taxis are not obligated so don’t be alarm because is normal in Lyon. 

If you want to save a bit, you can take the Air France bus to whichever stop is nearest your hotel and then a cab from there. If your French is good, write down the name of your hotel and its address and hand it to the taxi driver. Another people would suggest to take the RER train from CDG to the station that is closest to your hotel and a taxi from there. they try to avoid lengthy road travel.

the French taxis are regulated and are generally clean and convenient. The only issue is that the wait for a taxi is sometimes too long or either the lines are long or taxis are slow in arriving. When you’re coming off 8 or 12 or 20 hours of travel, this can be trying. That’s one reason we always use a private car service for our trips into France from the airport. It makes our arrival in France so much the better.

If you have a small child or are disabled, you don’t need to wait in the taxi line-up (or, for that matter, almost any line-up in France). Make yourself known to the queue attendant and he will whisk you into the next available cab. One tip is to have your infant in the stroller so you are easily noticed.

France is one of the pioneer of the taxi industry in the world, the service is so old that may have more than six centuries, survive many of tragedies and can be consider a national proud for the French, yes the service has to improve has to evol and they will be making another step toward the future of the taxy industry.

Conclusion: Both nation have similarities, but the taxi service in France is a step forward compared to the Italian counterpart, we conclude that because in France is rare face a fraud intends in a taxi service and are more organized than in Italy.

Hebert Ortega